24 Jul 2013 reply

Washington, you’re like a broken record.

You just keep going on and on and on about the same old things.


And NOTHING ever changes. It’s just the same tired message, reinvented in some way.


Don’t get us wrong, we’re looking forward to the president’s speech today, you know, “re-focusing” everyone on the economy. Honestly, getting back to the basics is a great idea. We’ve got to give Washington kudos for bringing it up.

But the odds are, the White House will just give us a few more fun catchphrases to throw around, like “Winning the Future,” “We Can’t Wait” or – this was a good one – “Middle Class Jobs & Opportunity Tour.”

Great.  Exactly what we need. More talk, but no action.


Seriously. Nothing has come out of this talk in the past. The “Middle Class Task Force” hasn’t even produced a report since 2010. We actually haven’t heard a peep out of them in over a year!


So, now that Washington has come up with a new slogan “middle out,” for this round of economic chatter, we’re not sure what will come out of the conversation, but we sure hope this new slogan actually has a solution attached, and that Washington actively tries to accomplish something for a change.

Washington, we’re tired of your rhetoric. We need solutions, not slogans. And we need them now.