14 Jun 2013 reply

What did everyone do last year when they thought Hostess was going to shut down meaning no more Twinkies?!

But then, what does everyone do when they hear that this fall the government might face another shut down?

When things keep happening over and over again, it feels like old news. We only react to the outrageous. Even though reporting on government spending feels the same, there are actually some facts out there that should cause outrage, not apathy.

When you hear the national debt has increased $1 trillion in the last year alone you might feel over it.

Until you realize that’s about $3,200 for every man, woman, AND child in the United States.

That’s a disturbing amount of debt to leave behind for our future generations. Even so, a recent Bloomberg poll discovered that 17% of adults still think the national debt will be better one year from now.

Some people just don’t get it – Washington actually has to make significant changes to start improving our current economic track otherwise we will only accumulate more debt.

As if news couldn’t get worse, a recent report predicts that Social Security and Medicare programs will go broke in 2033 and 2026.

Haven’t we heard this before?

The scary thing is we all pay into these programs, that we will never benefit from. And Washington is doing absolutely nothing to keep these programs solvent for future generations.

Still 14% of adults are taking the optimistic approach and think Social Security will definitely be there for them when they retire.

If we want to join the ranks of the optimistic, Washington needs to make some changes.

Everyone wants to think Washington treats our taxpayer dollars with care.

But instead they’ve been throwing it around like it grows on trees. $49 million on IRS conferences, another $58.7 million on DOJ conferences, and $36 million on HHS meeting with bureaucrats.

Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees. We work hard everyday for the money, Washington is so comfortable wasting. So Washington, it’s time for you to start spending our money wisely and get down to business to make an economy that will benefit future generations, not leave them with all of your problems.